This whole blog is about giving ourselves and people around us High fives–sometimes because they deserve it like crazy, and sometimes because inside they deserve it, and really need it. And we’re all both at different times, right??

Specific ways we can give ourselves the boost and help we need. We call it HY 5 also, for Hygiene 5, because it’s something we can do to take care of ourselves, giving as much attention to our emotions as we do to our, say, teeth!   If it sounds like more ideas and to-dos, please, think of it as breathing deep: a little focus, not too hard, and life changing. What do you do that really helps you take good long-term care of your emotions?

I’ve had a hard day! Hard week!   Okay…sometimes several hard weeks. In fact, I’ve experienced depression before for which I wondered if I needed medication. And if a person just can’t beat it, seek help!

But these things below are my “Emotion Hacks”, HY 5.  First thing in morning, in the lull of afternoon, in the chaos of early evening, in an emotional emergency,  all to bring about emotional resilience!


  1. Physical. Change my physical state!
  2. Thankful Heart. Gratitude.
  3. Reach up, meditate, pray, vertical, mindfulness, commune.
  4. Connect: Serve, text, smile, play!
  5.  Be in nature or create


  1. Exercise, deep breathe counting to 1-10, bath
  2. I want to be aware of good things around me that  support me.   I make myself think of 5 things that bless me.*
  3. Connect to the Creator of the Universe, a Higher Power, Mediator
  4. Serving can be secret or small: a smile, eye contact, a secret delivery, text, invite. Play!
  5. Walk, look at a tree, plant a flower. Create by dancing, humming, appreciating someone else’s creativity,  strum or tap an instrument.

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