Heart Hinge—Day Fifty-Four

Day 54

My son-in-law builds bridges.  Well, he didn’t build this  one.  But over time in watching him at work, I’ve evolved into a bridge-lover. It’s something I’ve come to admire.  And that is exactly what this post is about today.  Not only loving bridges, but loving the process of evolving.  Which, if you think about it, is a bridge itself.

A bridge is all about the goal. You’re at Point A, and you want to get to Point B.  If the bridge already exists, that’s easy.  Cross it.  But what if the bridge is not  already there? What if it’s non-existent?  What if there’s nothing to cross?

Do bridge-builders just stay on one side and holler out directions until the structure magically materializes?  Of course not!  They have teams at both ends, they blueprint and design.  They measure and discard and start over and measure again.  They get their hands dirty and their feet wet. There’s danger involved, and heavy equipment. Frustrations and setbacks.  They do  stuff. And they do stuff for a very long time,

I’m learning some new things, new skills.  I see my own Point B right now, and I long for it.  “Longing for it” means I’m going to get there.  Point A isn’t good enough–and that’s my motivation for all the hard work!   I’ve got courses to take and practicing to do.  I’ve got to zip those neurotransmitters from the comfort of my brain into some sort of orderliness that grows me. Taking the steps necessary to build that bridge can only happen as I keep my eye on the other side!

And here’s the next part.  Building bridges is a team effort, despite the fact that my individual goal is different from your individual goal. Are these structures a solo effort? No one taught us anything, no one ever inspired us, no one carried a load for us or pointed us in the right direction?  The whole notion is ridiculous!  Becoming the person we want to become requires a team! And a grateful heart in getting there, so that our connectedness is meaningful.  The thousands of people who’ve influenced my life are not standing at the shore all at once.  But at one time or another, we have been shoulder-to-shoulder.  We may have successfully sloshed through mud, or we may have slipped and fallen.  But we never give up.  We do it over and over until we get it right.  Losing sight of our drive to grow and get better is never an option.  I am so mindful and grateful today for my fellow bridge-builders. While my individual focal point is undoubtedly different from yours, the big picture is the same:  getting to the other side of the obstacle.  Helping one another to become … isn’t that the Point B for all of us?


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