Heart Hinge—Day Fifty-One

Day 51

It may be that the only thing these 2 had in common, 37 years ago, was that they both loved me.  As we honor Fathers today, I salute the fact that they both worked hard to understand each other, and over time gained mutual respect and love. This pic was taken last Father’s Day, June 2016, when my husband spontaneously suggested we drive two hours to surprise Dad.  “Why not tell him Happy Father’s Day in person?”  he asked me, when I told him I’d already sent a card.  Sure am glad I accepted the offer–it’s the last Father’s Day my dad was alive. Who knew?

This world is full of men who need to hear they’re appreciated!  Dads who adore their children but are not always sure how to interact with them. You  can help make that happen by reaching out.  Much of society tries to tell us that dads are useless.  Sitcom families are well supplied with bumbling buffoons who sort of show up at the dinner table so that everyone can laugh. And it never felt right to me that a dad’s vote means little to nothing in so many scenarios, including abortion.  When fathers offer us protection, resources, guidance, fun, wisdom, examples… they make our world a better place.  Times a million!!!

Hats off to the many wonderful dads out there who sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears for their beloved families–!  I guess that’s the other thing Dad and Don have in common  ….that. 


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