Heart Hinge—Day Fifty

Day 50

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Summer…”  (Pretend there’s a lilting musical note inserted here)  First things first!  My refrigerator shelves are no longer a Tetris game.  I can swing open the fridge door with confidence that edible items are located therein. Greek yogurt, carrots, celery, Gala apples, my  kind of milk, lemonade, spinach, cookie dough, and deli turkey slices.   And you know that catch-all drawer in everybody’s kitchen—?  It is now a piece of artwork: divided and aligned, filled with blank index cards and brand new glue sticks and pens that actually work. Glide, they must glide…  Lawn is green, pool is blue, toenails are pink.  Alarm clock is OFF.  Yep!  It’s summer!

So now…here’s the rest of my agenda~!  The hubs and I are helping our (beloved) daughter and son-in-law and grandsons move to CANADA!  I can’t believe I have to have a passport just to visit my grandsons–it’s a little surreal.  But I am so very EXTREMELY  excited for them and this new chapter in their lives!  It’s not just their adventure; it’s ours, too.  We’re a close family and what our kids feel, WE  feel.  I think it will be amazing!  While I’m up north I’m going to visit my sister in Montana.  Their backyard has a REAL RIVER running through it!!  (I say that cause I’m from Las Vegas.  If you’ve been here, you get it.)  I think I’ll be back home for 4th of July celebrations with friends. Friends!  I love my friends! And I’ll be glad to be home, cause I enjoy watering my aromatic herb garden and my roses and hibiscus.  And I like to look out my kitchen window at the sun shining sparkles into my swimming pool.  And when I walk barefoot on the grass and feel the hot breeze, I feel connected to the universe!

What else?  An upcoming trip to the lovely city of San Diego–!  Flying with my mama to visit yet another sister.  I have a lot of sisters in my life.  I adore each one of them: in-laws included! In addition, spending quality time with a couple more fabulous daughters and grandchildren and of course my BFF hubby.  Why am I telling you all of this?  Because these are the plans of a newly–freed school teacher on the 12th of June.  And you know, just like we all know, that plans and reality are often two very different things!

I’ve come to appreciate that dynamic.  I’ve come to appreciate that we design and schedule and anticipate events and experiences, like a Creator who undoubtedly had a blueprint of some kind befor flower seeds were planted globally.  Before  warm air first mingled with cool air, resulting in the movement we call wind.  Before black stripes were painted on zebras and rainbows were painted on toucan beaks.  In my imagination, all of this was, well,  originally imagined.  Carefully thought out and designed by God.  Each season, then, for us human beings is similar to that God-like attribute: we plan, sketch in the details, and then launch into it and see what happens!  I used to have a little fear of that. The unknown, you know–a bit of trepidation.  It probably comes with that term “adulting” which means your childhood is out the window and you feel responsible for everything now.  Because you ARE responsible for everything now. But I’ve come to a place where that anxiety is gone.  I have a balance of best-laid-plans and c’est  la vie.  

And it feels terrific!  Let’s see what happens next….


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