Heart Hinge—Day Forty-Nine

Day 49

So I’m pretty sure this will be the last post about “teaching” for a while.  I love my kids and I love my co-workers and I love to read and write.  All of that oughtta be sufficient to call me a “teacher.”  Proud as I am to be a part of bringing literacy to young and impressionable minds, I am much more than a “teacher.”  And I write a about a lot more things than that!!

But seriously.  My new yellow shirt is dotted with self-portraits of my very own students. Is this not the CUTEST?  Here’s a shout-out to Whitney Daniels Designs, of Salt Lake City, Utah.  I handed my students index cards and a sharpened pencil, and told them to get to work drawing themselves.  “Andrew” actually does have eyeballs, and “Raymond” is certainly not blond.  “Ruby” has hair so long I have to tell the other girls to stop touching it.  And I have no idea what happened to “Josh’s” hair in this pic. Anyway, it was an incredibly simple process on my end, and the pictures have so much clarity!  Many thanks to the parents and staff (especially Angie Luna!) who helped make sure that every kid in my class could wear matching yellow shirts for Field Day this morning.  They carried wet sponges with their knees and threw misguided basketballs into buckets of splashing water.  A few lucky ladies got to hold the hose and squirt people on occasion.

One year, I witnessed a young adult (substitute teacher) attempt to befriend another young adult (permanent teacher) on this very Field Day, quite a few Junes ago.  He picked up a bucket of ice chunks and dumped it on the teacher’s head!  Maybe he saw it modeled at the end of football games for Gatorade commercials, where everyone laughs and the football player still has his helmet on.  But there was a lot more than just water in that bucket, and there was nothing protecting that poor teacher’s head.  Come to think of it, I never actually saw that substitute teacher again.  Fight or Flight is an instinct, right?

Well, my kids were delightful today, and we had a great time.  Afterwards we watched Land Before Time and ate popcorn.  Then I taught them how to play checkers and we did a few rounds.  Tomorrow, it’s goodbye.  I love ’em.  I hope they read all summer.

At least I know they’ll think of their First Grade Class when they wear their yellow shirts. I wonder how old they’ll be when they stop wearing them…?


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