Ha! A real heart to heart :)

by Peggy Proffit

My daughter called the other day from college, asking me for nutritional advice for “a real nervous feeling, a butterfly feeling in her stomach.”  First I asked her if she was in love. No. But she WAS on her way to take a challenging anatomy Final!  We talked about some foods she could eat while feeling nervous like that, to get some good energy for the test,  and then I said, based on lots of experience with myself and other children:  “Now tell your “fight or flight” body response that you’re very glad it’s working, but today the kind of response you need will not be to help you run away or defend yourself.  So you don’t need the adrenaline for running  muscles or for your heart to pound, or to breathe hard, you actually need oxygen for your brain this time, and your heart to be calm.”  I loved her response: “Mom, you didn’t even take an anatomy class and you know all that stuff that helps me : )”  Doesn’t it feel great when you get something RIGHT?!   #mommypower  #lifelessons

To all you moms out there, here’s a MAMA QUESTION:  What’s something you got RIGHT?   Please tell us!


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