Heart Hinge—Day Thirty-Eight

Day 38

Souls are eternal.

Never have I seen this truth more profoundly illustrated than in the way we humans navigate through mortality.  We become haunted by the past. We become fearful of the future. How quickly we forget to embrace the “here and now!”  Our minds want to race to tomorrow, or dwell on yesterday.  The platitude, “The present is a present” applies.

Strange, isn’t it, that we need reminders to be “mindful–?”  Fear of the vast “unknowns”  has been attributed as humanity’s most universal fear. Yet the very nature of the human spirit is to soar, to dream, to explore new horizons.  On the opposite end, we can instantaneously  over-focus on past mistakes or on injuries suffered at the hands of others…  That’s easy.  It’s like standing at a parade joyfully marching directly in front of us, but craning our necks to see, instead, what’s coming down the road. Or only watching the backside of the colorful float that just passed us by.  We can miss the whole parade!

Anxiety happens when we think we need to figure out everything,  all at once.  It’s impossible.  Of course we want to prevent and prepare!  But where planning ahead causes anguish and worry, the “paralysis of analysis,” we must retreat back to the eternality of our souls.   The “being” part of our human being. Always, I want to assess what I’m up against.  But I won’t know the nuances, the companionship, or perhaps even the specific objective, until I am “there.”

Our souls will not, cannot die.  There is too much of divinity within them. But I do know this:  My body will survive each and every day.  Until the one day that it doesn’t.

And that’ll be okay, too.


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