Heart Hinge—Day Thirty-Four

Day 34

“Miracles should not be regarded as deviations from the ordinary course of nature.  Instead, they are manifestations of divine or spiritual power.  Some lower law was,  in each case, superseded by an action of a higher law. And if miracles cease, it is because faith has ceased.”–Bruce R. McConkie

This is not to say that miracles are less than divine. Or that they are not heaven-sent tender reminders that God is in our midst. Both are true.  But if God is, by that very title, our Creator, then surely the omniscience and power of this universe are at work in miracles.  Not a deviation from nature but a higher law superseding a lower law.

I see miracles every day!  Do you?

If despair consumes us, then hopelessness has taken reign.  So whatever God is nudging you or I to do, let’s take one more step.  One more.  Like the sweet blind lady I watched stepping into a baptismal font 3 days ago.  The water surrounded first her calves, then her thighs–and she stopped.  Terrified. She knew what she wanted.  She wanted this spiritual experience more than anything. But her world was darkness. What was she stepping into?  How deep would it go?  When would the water level out?  What would be expected of her?

“One more step,” she was coaxed along.  And then she did it. Her elation was joyous and tear-filled.  Never had she felt so triumphant!

So remember this–If the fear doesn’t go away, you may have to do it afraid.  That’s the miracle of it all.


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