Heart Hinge—Day Thirty-Three

Day 33

Our endearing and trusted old friend:  Self-Renewal.  Ponder on this passage from Oscar Wilde’s  The Picture of Dorian Gray–“Veil after veil of thin dusky gauze is lifted, and by degrees the forms and colors of things are restored to them, and we watch the dawn of remaking the world in its antique pattern.”

I re-connected with a few friends the other day.  They shall remain nameless.  But isn’t that the key thing –re- CONNECTED–?  My life is abundantly full of good people who inspire me.  They bring thoughts and motivation and joy and meaning to my heart and I just want to celebrate the beauty of being surrounded by such amazing strength.  Thank you for showering me with self-renewal!

May your days be full of hope and insight, strength and revelation!


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