Heart Hinge—Day Thirty-Two

Day 32

“Love has no boundary, no limitation of good will.”–David B. Haight

Drop by drop, a puddle forms.  Then a streamlet.  Is that a real word?  It’s a trickle that gets wider and runs into the next puddle, connecting on three sides and then all the puddles touch until it a pond is formed. Liquid always takes the shape of its container; somewhat passive. But it pushes too– it ebbs and it overflows until it runs into the next new space. Becoming and reshaping itself.  Water’s force comes from persistence.  Rocks break and mountains crumble, and the power behind it is both fierce and subtle.

What if we were raindrops?  No one need be greater than another.  But look at the ring of ripples creating a stir!  The tiniest of waves moves outward.  Something changes.

I know many great women and many great men.  Their greatness is in their subtlety, but it’s in their impact, too.  I wonder if they see their own gifts.  Do they realize how bright and refreshing are their smiles?  Do they notice those sideways glances, those moments where they could’ve been self-absorbed but instead choose to be gracious?  I notice.  And I learn from them.

My Heart Hinge today is a celebration of these kinds of people.  I am moved by their goodness.  They might see themselves as mere drops in the bucket.  The unsung heroes who collectively brighten the world.  Is it okay to to say, “I helped someone and it felt great–?”  “I talked my friend into a better choice–?”   “I listened to a child when others dismissed him–?”

We here at ofoneheartblog.wordpress.com  LOVE your stories.  We love hearing those things that bring each of us closer.  Regardless of political, religious, or racial differences, we are one race:  humankind.  And drop by drop, we are changing the world!


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