Heart Hinge–Day Thirty

Day 30

No, this isn’t the sunrise of some exotic location.  This is my home; the first sunrise of 2017. Beautiful, isn’t it?  And it’s just outside my door.

I ended the year with some wonderful, precious friends.  We laughed, ate, played some games, challenged our minds, shared a concern or two, and watched the giant fireworks show down the hill on the Las Vegas strip.  We blew noisemakers and wished everyone well.  Then, after sleeping a few short hours, I awoke to a foggy sky; a rarity in this part of the world.   Drizzly little gemstones of rain fell intermittently from my rooftop, and I grabbed my camera to await the rising sun.

I feel breathless and excited.  I’m connected to the universe!  Who knows what changes will take place on the blank page we call a “New Year…?”  Will we see more war, or more peace?  More poverty or more prosperity?   Will relations between nations become strained or strong?  Will our families be blessed with health and harmony?

Ringing in the new year, no matter what country or culture we hail from, unites each of us with these questions.  Our wishes, our hopes, our yearning for a fresh start, settles into every human around the globe who pauses to think on it.  “Happy New Year” can be spoken in a thousand languages, but spoken it is.  For it may be the one holiday on the planet we all share.  Shoulder-to-shoulder, we’ll figure it out.

A happy Heart Hinge to all!



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