Heart Hinge—Day Thirty-One

Day 31

So how’s your 2017 been so far??  Twelve days into it…

I’ve always been fascinated with human behavior.  And I’ve spent my entire life learning about our human nature–and its context within organizations–from Stephen R. Covey.  He’s the author of many books, including The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  Currently, I’m rereading a book he published a few years later:  The 8th Habit.   I must share some quotes to consider as we move into the new dynamics of our world, our country, and our organizations (which include families):

  • “Remember, any time your emotional life is a function of someone else’s weaknesses, you disempower yourself and empower those weaknesses to continue to mess your life up.  You don’t want Yesterday to hold Tomorrow hostage.”
  • “Principles are universal.  They transcend culture and geography. They’re also timeless.  Different cultures may translate these principles into different practices and over time may obscure these principles through the wrongful use of freedom. Nevertheless, they are present.  Like the law of gravity, they operate constantly.”
  • “Reflect on that space that exists between stimulus and response, and use it wisely.  Eventually, your exercise of that power will enlarge the response until the very nature of your responses will begin to shape the stimuli.  You literally create the world in which you live.”

Let me tell you why I love Covey.  He’s just a regular guy that took a look around and saw the enormous untapped potential of individuals and of organizations.  Then he spent his life’s work reminding us of our immense power.   Not power to grab from someone else, but that power that we’ve had within us, all along.

It’s not hard to recognize the fear, dread,  thrill, hope, and heartbreak of our fellow human beings as we launch into a new American presidency, as well as the seismic global changes and our own life stages. Our universal Fear of the Unknown is on a precipice!  But thanks to a Heart Hinge hero of mine, Stephen R. Covey, I move forward with confidence that I cannot fail.  I am empowered because I understand.


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