Heart Hinge–Day Twenty-Nine

Day 29

“Come closer, Maga, so I can see you–!”

My two granddaughters were waiting in the car while my daughter came into the house for something.  So naturally I hurried outside to greet them.  I ran to the three-year-old first.  Her vision is limited, so she was somewhat startled when I suddenly approached.  She announced my name, “Maga!!!” with great joy, and enthusiastically threw her precious baby arms around my neck.  Then I went to the other side of the car and visited with my older-but-equally cherubic granddaughter about her new mermaid necklace.  As the nine-year=old chatted happily about the symbols on her necklace, the three-year-old called out lovingly from her car seat–“Come closer, Maga, so I can see you!”

Her lilting voice has resonated in my ears many times since.  “Come closer.”  “I feel your presence but I need more of you.”  “Engage with me over here.”  “Meet me in my corner.” “You were here and gone so quickly.”

I don’t know how God does it.  Obviously.  But I do know that in sacred places and with holy people, I feel a healing hand.  A blanket of profound peace transcending any other sensation.  Our Creator is somehow everywhere; that light, that comfort, that tranquility.  My granddaughter’s expectant plea (for she knew I would comply)  filled me with all of these emotions.  As our friends, our family, our neighbors, our co-workers throw out a request for our attention, we have the opportunity to be a piece of God in that moment.  We can comfort. We can uplift. We can hug. We can laugh with someone or cry with someone. We can inspire.

In our own individual ways, we can be a healing hand.

As I returned to my granddaughter’s side, I felt all those things.  I want to be that person to those people who seek me.  To connect on a deeper level—like a hinge that brings two things together.  This little girl was my Heart Hinge today.  And my inspiration for many days to come.

And  this  is my New Year’s Resolution.


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