Heart Hinge—Day Twenty-Eight

Day 28

Twelve Random Things I Learned in 2016:

In the vast universe of all-there-is-to-learn,  I’m reflecting back on the almost-365 days that fall under the 2016 umbrella.  Have I grown?  Yes.  Are my relationships stronger?  Yes.  Do I still have much to learn?  Ohhhhh, yes!

But what about those little experiences that seem trivial at the time;  the moments when I became a teensy bit smarter?  I thought  I’d share some of THOSE things today…

Random Lesson Number One:  Baby carrots are just shaved-off big carrots and are not actually baby carrots.

Random Lesson Number Two:  Fake News used to be fake when the Enquirer wrote it. But now it’s fake when anyone with opposing views wrote it.  And since there’s opposition in all things,  everything is either fake,  true,  fakish-true, or truish-fake.  You just never know.

Random Lesson Number Three:  No matter how many years you may have taught school, there’s always somebody coming back around urging you to jump on the bandwagon of the thing that got discarded seven years ago.  Same thing, different name. Oh, and digitally.

Random Lesson Number Four:  Don’t line up the kids in a nice straight row, arms crossed and mouths zipped, and then point out the incredible display of clouds in the sky.  It’ll take ten minutes to get them piped down again. (But what fun we had!)

Random Lesson Number Five:  When somebody  whispers something gossipy about someone else as they leave the room, that means they’re the kind of person who does the same thing when anyone  leaves the room.  That tells me more about the person whispering than anything else.  Discourage that.

Random Lesson Number Six:  Rabbits make the most awesome pets.  I have a little white bunny hopping around my backyard.  He never asks anything of me, and even finds his own meals.  Hey!  Is he nibbling my hibiscus leaves?!!

Random Lesson Number Seven: People have less right to be offended by those offended if they were offended by something that is a newly-brought-up reason to be offended, and/or the offended become offensive without the perceived offenders actually knowing they were offending.

Random Lesson Number Eight:  Not everybody wants world peace. Unfathomable, but true.  (Truish)

Random Lesson Number Nine:  TED talks.  I learn so much in 20 minutes, and all I have to do is listen.

Random Lesson Number Ten:  Follow through on my good intentions.  It doesn’t help anyone  when I feel prompted to connect with another human, and then don’t get around to it.  It just stays inside me, unfulfilled. Un-hinged.

Random Lesson Number Eleven:  Leave some things to the experts.  Like, I had to google a YouTube on how to use Velcro curlers.  Seriously.

Random Lesson Number Twelve:  For the most part, I can trust what the GPS on my phone is telling me.  Just follow directions.  Try not to argue.

There you have it!  Obviously there are thousands more “A-ha! Moments” that I get to celebrate on my Journey  of the World,  Chapter 2016. But these few I shared oughtta sum up for you one thing:  my Love of Learning.  Bring it on, 2017–I need more lessons!


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