Heart Hinge–Day Twenty-Two

Day 22

I’m pretty sure there are other things going on in the world besides US Election Day. But I don’t know what those things would be.  Right now, I’m having a hard time finding something else to think about.  I’m typically kind of “to each his own.”  The fact that I don’t get particularly impassioned about political views has not helped me this time around:  I do  keep my eyes on current events. Therefore, it’s in my face.  And yours.  I get it.

So what do I feel connected to, today?  It’s not an easy goal when I feel so:

A. discombobulated

B.  tense

C.  like my brain needs to take a really long shower.

What, and where, is the heart hinge?

Today it was the lady at church who wanted to sit by me for no particular reason.  And the man who told me his mother had recently passed away and he ached to feel closer to heaven where he knew she was.  It was the woman who brought  kiwi fruit and sweet potatoes by the boxload cause yesterday’s community exchange had leftovers.  It was the really young boy with a faux-mohawk and horn-rimmed glasses, reading from a slip of paper the word “non-perishables.”  My Egyptian friend who’s been gone for months, and gave me a really great hug.  It was my two friends who happened to wear cheetah clothes and asked me to take their picture.  It was the guy we had over for dinner cause his wife’s out of town.  And the cookies  sent to the family of six who (at last!) managed to pacify somebody else’s screaming toddler.  The bishop greeting everybody by name.  The huge and wonderful family who gave baby blessings to not only one but two infant boys, born into this God-only-knows-what’s-going-to-happen-next world of ours.

I have three daughters. They’re voting for three different presidential candidates. Wouldn’t ya know??!  But, I’m cool with it.   One of ’em just told me she bought a special treat to eat Election Night:  Chicken and Waffle potato chips.  Yep, that’s what she said–I asked her twice to clarify. Chicken and Waffle potato chips.  Doesn’t that just sound  symbolic of something so marvelous?  Like, friends and family and life are going to go on regardless.  That’s rejuvenating.  It’s pretty much all I need for today.



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