Heart Hinge–Day Seven

Day 7    I’ve never heard of “World Teachers Day,” even though I’ve been around teachers since I was, oh….  five.  But my Twitter account said it was trending, which led me to give some thought to the amazingly wonderful teachers I’ve had in my lifetime.  Not every teacher, of course, is one  we feel a special  Connection with.  Each stage of life, each personality, and each teacher-student dynamic, brings its own unique set of experiences. You know what they say, people are like snowflakes, because no two are exactly alike  (Has anyone really checked every snowflake in the universe??  Just sayin’–that metaphor could be a total farce).

But that’s just how I think.  Anyway, in an effort to keep this more a blog post than a memorial of the hundreds of educators I’ve had the pleasure of knowing–since I am one myself–I want to give a shout out today to just a few of them.  This list is by no means inclusive, nor will it prevent me from delving deeper into the subject at a later time.

Thanks to Mrs. Stone for tearing into me only a little bit when I broke her evaporation experiment with a resounding crash.  Thanks to Ms. Van Dyke who gave me a terrific pep talk moments before the school talent show, where I made a total fool of myself and still got a standing ovation.  Thanks to Mrs. Pettit who has since become my Facebook friend because she’s cool like that.  Thanks to Mrs. Breisch who suffered through me for two years instead of one, and didn’t laugh when my bff and I brought her blue cookies because blue seemed fun, but the other grownups said nobody wants to eat blue cookies  (who knew?!).

Thanks to Mrs. Grover for giving me an A in cooking and a D in sewing, so I could keep my priorities in place.  And to Mrs. Sutherland for that twinkle in her eye when she whispered to me the name-of-the- boy who’d written an essay about how he liked me.  Thanks to Mrs. Burton, my piano teacher, for pretending to believe my lies about why I couldn’t practice that week. Thanks to the myriad of high school teachers who looked the other way when I played pranks on the substitute teachers and no one ever reprimanded me.  And really, my heartiest thanks to Brother  Bailey, seminary teacher extraordinaire, who died just a few months ago and has no idea how much better my life is because of him.

A Heart Hinge?  Every one of ’em.  I do hope  #WorldTeachersDay brings with it a little appreciation and not just a list of international standards we’re all supposed to adhere to. In spite of the legislators, philosophers, and parents who are disappointed that we’re not single-handedly saving the world,  I think we’re doing a pretty good job of making life better, one student at a time.

Let us celebrate!






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