Heart Hinge–Day Three

Day 3

Today I asked a co-worker if she ever ponders on the strange placement of a NO PARKING sign at our school–a location quite a distance from any road or parking lot.  You couldn’t fit a motorized vehicle in front of it, even if you tried.  Well, maybe a moped.

So every time I pass by the sign on the wall, my eyes go there.  Why was it ever attached in the first place?  What’s the history of this building?  What used to be in front of that sign?   And I asked my friend what she thought whenever she saw it.  “I never even noticed it,” she said.

That surprised me.  “Guess that just shows how weird my brain is,” I told her.

“And that is exactly why I love you,” she responded.

This leads me to say  how wonderful it is to be loved for being weird.  For, you know…being me.  That’s where our conversation ended, but her words stayed with me.  I felt connected to her heart, and completely safe in her presence.  It enlightened me.  We can do much better reassuring people we love them, exactly how they are.

I feel like bringing her cookies.



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