Have I high fived myself today? Have you?

written by Peggy Proffit

I’ve had a hard day! Hard week!   Okay…sometimes several hard weeks. In fact, I’ve experienced depression before for which i wondered if I needed medication. And if a person just can’t beat it, seek help!

But these things below helped me.

In kindergarten we learn about  washing our hands, eating 5 fruits & vegetables a day…we learn healthy ways to feed our bodies, yet what about  feeding our minds healthfully?  Why not daily MENTAL hygiene? I need these things each day.

I discovered that what I needed was some daily LITTLE things I could do for that daily health first thing in morning, in the bogged down afternoon, in the chaos of early evening, in emergency,  all to bring about emotional resilience!  I came up with this so far. Please let me know what you do! I’m curious if they fit in some of these categories, or if you have different ones.

  1. Physical. Change my physical state!       Breathe deep, run, jump, massage, something!
  2. Thankful Heart. Gratitude.       I want to be aware of good things around me that  support me.   I make myself think of 5 things that bless me.*
  3. Reach up, meditate, pray, vertical, mindfulness, commune, be in nature.** Connect to the Creator of the Universe, a Higher Power, Mediator, my Heavenly Parents
  4. Connect: Serve, play!      Serving can be secret or small: a smile, eye contact, a secret delivery, text, invite. Play! Toss a frisbee.
  5. Be part of creation. Be in nature*. Walk. Plant a flower. Do something creative. Be a part of the creative flow -dance, music, instrument. 🙂

SIMPLE., Regularly.  High 5 a day 🙂  Let me know if this helped you, and share your ideas of how you give yourself high 5’s.

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