Butterflies and Good Luck Power!

Written by co-blogger Peggy Proffit!

Have you ever noticed how many things are “bad luck??”   Vs.  How many things are “good luck?” Think about it.  If you can find a  4 leaf clover… or a rainbow that includes that elusive pot of gold…rub an ancient lamp…Seriously?  Thank goodness for the occasional shooting star, or spotting the first star out at night! But really…what are the odds of any of those fantastical things actually taking place?

But then, those bad luck omens come from real happenings–a black cat crossing your path, or breaking a mirror, or having a 13th land on a Friday now and then.  Those things are much more likely to occur than locating a clover with four leaves!  So I say,  how about a few more realistic occasions that bring good fortune?  Why not proclaim that a Friday the 12th means good luck?  Or a mirror where the person looking back at you gives you a big grin?!

My older sister taught me this with her young daughters. I heard her say to those little learners, “Look!  A butterfly!  That means good luck for you today!”  “Really?” I asked. “I hadn’t heard that.”  She asked me, “Who decided all the bad luck things for us?  Why are there so many?  Well, I decided to take back the luck power!”  And, she did, right then for her children that day.

I’ve learned that something considered negative in my country is good luck in another.  For example, the Chinese reportedly call babies by insulting names so as to not attract evil spirits. So it’s all just about what somebody decides!

So I decided I will choose from all over the world about what is my good luck, and then make up some of my own–!  Here are a few of mine…  :  )

  • hearing the first bird of the morning  (no, I’m not a morning person, so this helps me!)
  • being the first to put a spoon into a container of yogurt, mayo or peanut butter
  • finding matching socks
  • seeing a bird of prey (I know! Not lucky for the other animals but it’s just one of those things I like to see)
  • warm water in the shower (not an uncommon experience for me, but I’ve experienced the opposite, so it’s definitely good luck to me!)
  • the smell of cinnamon
  • getting a little sprinkle from a yard sprinkler as I pass by,
  • the sound of a lawn mower
  • pictures or statues of dolphins 🙂

I hope you have fun making your list!  Maybe send in a few comments–we’d love to hear YOUR ideas about what brings fortune your way.  But whatever it is, we all want to wish you  GOOD LUCK!


2 thoughts on “Butterflies and Good Luck Power!

  1. Pat Proffit says:

    Wow, thanks for inviting me on to your blog. This is really good and I am definitely going to compile a list of good luck omens. Starting with “chipmunks “…there’s about six of them that come out of the rocks behind our house and run around in the morning until it gets too warm and then they go back into the shelter of the rocks. .

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