The Defining Nine: Affirmations

Our thanks to Guestblogger Jenny Slack–!

My 15-year-old son’s first word was ‘ball.’   He has loved the game of basketball since he could stand, and learned to dunk on his Little Tyke’s plastic basketball hoop.  He played ball most every day in elementary school and his goal was to make the Jr. High team.  Once he was a Freshman, his goal was to make the high school team.  He knew it would be hard, but he put in the work.  Early morning gym opened at 6 AM, and he gave up vacations for basketball tournaments.  He lifted weights every day in the high school gym, even as an 8th grader. He put in his time and energy to accomplish his goal, and between that and his God-given talent, it all paid off.  He made the high school team!  He loved it all even more once they’d played their first game.

A week after that game I got a phone call from my son’s trainer.  “You need to come pick him up early from practice,” they said.  “We think he broke his arm.”  As I hung up the phone and quickly climbed in my car, all I could think of was, “This can’t happen.  He’s worked too hard!”

On my drive to school I immediately prayed.  I just couldn’t imagine watching him sit out the rest of the season when he’d only played one game!!  How  could he watch the rest of his team play while he sat on the bench??

I said my prayer out loud.  “Please, God, he has worked so hard!  Please don’t let his arm be broken!!!”  I immediately  felt at peace and felt the affirmation that  all would turn out okay.  I was so relieved!  When I picked him up I told him that I had prayed and had a feeling it wasn’t broken.  My son told me, “Mom, it’s broken.”  I dismissed what he said, feeling comfort in knowing everything would turn out all right.

It was a long wait to take the X-ray and an even longer wait for the X-ray to be read.  Finally when the doctor came out he said, “Your son broke his arm.”  No~!  I was shocked!

How could I have misunderstood the feelings of peace and comfort God had given me?  I fought back tears of disappointment and confusion.

Later that night I prayed again.  This time I had a question to ask God.  I said, “What I felt was wrong!  Was it wrong??  I thought you told me his arm wasn’t broken!”  The answer I got was, “I never told you his arm wasn’t broken.  I told you everything would be alright.”

How many times do we assume an answer to a prayer means what we want it to be…?  To me, “alright” meant “not broken.”  My son later told me, “God has His reasons.”  You know what?  It wasn’t easy, but my son learned a valuable lesson!  Hard things happen!  Worse things could happen!  My boy never stopped cheering for his team, even on the hard days.  His mom learned to trust another version of “It’s going to be alright.”

You know what God?  Everything is going to be alright.  My 15-year-old boy began the life lesson of becoming a strong, resilient young man.




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