Our thanks to  Guestblogger,  Samantha Proffit–!

I have heard so many  things, intelligent things, said around me since I was little; my entire life. Some things, like some of those misinterpreted Chinese proverbs, appear as though they are intelligent, but when further investigated what they say makes no sense : ). [ Sometimes this is the way I feel, about myself : ) ]  But this weekend my family headed down to cousins’ house where two of the most intelligent little kids I know live. Oh, and Charity. their little sister,  is the “puppy dog” of the family. She follows the two older ones like a cute little puppy with its slimy tongue hanging out and does whatever they’re doing or grabs whatever they’re playing with.

While sitting peacefully on the couch reading a book, I saw my 6- year-old cousin rocking on a white rocking chair right next to me.  I had commented to my brother, Zarek, about something that included the word “society.”

My little boy cousin,  after scrunching his eyebrows, looked at me with the most puzzled look. He then rocked a little on his small chair and looked at the ground. After a while, he finally asked, “What is society?” I quickly opened my mouth to give him an intelligent answer and then realized I had no idea how to answer such a ponderous deep question. I looked up at my brother and stated while still turned towards my little cousin, “Zarek, what  is Society?”


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