Status: Feeling Accomplished

From a wonderful Bostonian friend,  Bridget Parece-“It was 2 weeks before Christmas and I had just gotten fired from my job.  I had gotten my check and had to buy food.  My friend took me to the store and on the way into the parking lot I saw this homeless man.  He was wearing a shaggy black and red jacket.  Winters are so  cold here, and this evening was no exception.   The thought–“This corner seems like a magnet for homeless people-”  popped into my head as I walked through the doorway.  Seeing the poor man made me want to count my blessings, and focus on what I had rather than on what I don’t have.  “Things could be worse,” I told myself, and made up my mind to buy him some food.

I picked up a couple of apples and oranges, a water bottle, some chocolate, and a pair of hand warmers.  I was hoping he’d still be there when I got back outside.  There he was, standing next to the road.  My friend pulled the car near the man and I rolled down the window and handed him the bag of stuff.  He nodded and smiled, and I felt so good.  I’d accomplished even a little task and it really pulled up my spirits from having just lost my job.  Even though I didn’t have a lot of money and didn’t give him that much,  I just had the thought, ” I could be homeless, too.  I need to count my blessings, even though I don’t have much to give.”–Thank you so much, Bridget, for allowing us to share your sweet and simple story with the world!!!



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